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Our Durango Colorado Herbal Apothecary

Hummingbird Herbals StaffOur Apothecary

Hummingbird Herbals currently has a small nest just off and above Main Avenue in historic downtown Durango. The address is 102 East 8th Street, Suite 213. It serves as business headquarters, production lab, and pharmacy for our exceptional local naturopathic doctors. Please come by and/or call - 970-259-8965.

Hummingbird Herbals has been a locally owned and operated business in Southwest Colorado since its creation by Melanie Rose, Clinical Herbalist, in 1995. In October 2007, Hummingbird Herbals came under new ownership by Joslyn Erica, Chartered Herbalist and student, apprentice, employee and friend of Melanie for the preceeding two years. Since its creation, everyone at Hummingbird Herbals has been dedicated to offering products that aid in the health and well-being of the Whole through healthful herbs and ecologically, spiritually, and socially responsible business practices.

Our Materials

Hummingbird Herbals StaffA favorite wildcrafting spot in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.

Because our plant medicines come from nature, we are concerned with maintaining healthy ecosystems where plants, animals and humans can coexist and lead good lives. Our herbs are therefore organically grown or ethically wild harvested in almost all cases, except for a few commercial Chinese herbs that are impossible to get organically but are still very useful.

We use organic, non-genetically modified cane alcohol to create our tinctures. Cane alcohol is gluten-free, so those who avoid gluten in their diets may use our tinctures without worry. Also, many other tinctures on the market are made with grain alcohol, which is made from genetically modified (gmo) corn, one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the US, and may be loaded with pesticide and herbicide residues. Our tinctures are guaranteed free of these poisons, as the alcohol is derived from certified organic, non-gmo sugar cane.

Hummingbird Herbals tinctures are also made with another important ingredient: time. We macerate (soak) the herbs in alcohol or alcohol and distilled water for a minimum of two (but most often four) weeks to insure a complete extraction of all the valuable medicinal constituents in the plants.

Joslyn Erica, Chartered Herbalist

Joslyn is the owner and operator of Hummingbird Herbals. She has been a resident of Southwest Colorado for as long as Hummingbird Herbals has been around. Herbs have been a passion of hers for many years, beginning as a teenager with getting to know Native American cultures and peoples, and their uses of wild plants as medicine. She also loved discovering wild plants and learning their uses while on frequent hikes. This interest continued and grew through her college years and career as a Social Worker, her journey through pregnancy and the birth of her son at home with the support of a midwife-herbalist, and onward through recent years of more formal herbal and natural health education in classes, apprenticeship with Melanie, and completion of the Herbal Charter program with Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Joslyn continues to have the support of Melanie Rose through clinical supervision and consultation.

Melanie Rose, Clinical Herbalist
Joslyn in the New Hummingbird Herbals Office

If you have any questions about the products on this site, an herb specifically, or another health issue, you are encouraged to email Joslyn,